Children learn every minute they are awake.  Learning cannot be stopped; it can only be directed.  At Encino Presbyterian Children’s Center, the learning takes place through the child’s actual experiences and participation in an environment, which is structured to promote the optimum development of the individual child.  The primary focus being the development of the child’s self-esteem.  This is done through . . .

  • Caring teachers with positive teaching attitudes.
  • Helping the child to develop growth and independence to make decisions and choices.
  • Learning acceptable ways of expressing feelings.
  • Peer interaction involving helping, giving and sharing.

Our philosophy is based upon the principle that play is a significant mode of learning.  Our focus is on each child becoming a whole person.  Therefore, in our curriculum planning, we strive to offer experiences, which provides growth cognitively, emotionally, socially, creatively and physically.


The classroom learning centers include areas for . . .

  • Creative expression through art, music and handcrafts.
  • Role playing and dramatic play to encourage the child’s understanding of the adult world.
  • Introduction to nature and science.
  • Activities to stimulate cognitive processes such as storytelling, poetry and picture appreciation; language development and reading readiness.
  • A wide variety of conceptual materials such as letters, numbers and shapes.

Outdoor experiences include sand and water play, arts and crafts, riding toys, climbing experiences and activities which foster large muscle development; and areas which encourage role playing.


Our parents play an important role in the child’s school experience.  We offer…

  • Library for children and parents
  • Silent auction
  • Parent discussions
  • Annual open house
  • Parents serve morning snack on child’s “special days”
  • Teacher conferences
  • Art show
  • Visits from community helpers