Please note that the EPCC Preschool program will be closed for the following holidays, staff in-service days and Winter and Spring breaks during the 2020-2021 school year. Care is not available on individual holidays or Winter break, however, we will offer care for Spring break and care in the summer. Our preschool program attempts to follow a traditional school year schedule. Time off throughout the year is vital to the quality of the program. Please note these holidays on your calendar and plan accordingly.


FALL 2020:

Mon., Aug. 24                                    Preschool Begins


Tues., Aug. 25                                   Kindergarten Begins


Fri., Sept. 4 & Mon., Sept. 7 Labor Day – SCHOOL CLOSED


Wed., Nov. 11                                    Veteran’s Day – SCHOOL CLOSED


Wed., Nov. 25 – Fri., Nov. 27          Thanksgiving Holiday – SCHOOL CLOSED


Mon., Dec. 21 – Fri., Jan. 1               Winter Break   – SCHOOL CLOSED

SPRING 2021:


Mon., Jan. 4                                       School Resumes


Mon., Jan. 18                                     Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday – SCHOOL CLOSED


Fri., Feb. 5                                          Staff In-Service/Cleaning day – SCHOOL CLOSED


Mon., Feb. 15                                     President’s Day– SCHOOL CLOSED


Fri. March 26 – Fri. April 2               Spring Break – SCHOOL CLOSED


Mon., April 5                                      School Resumes


Mon., May 31                                     Memorial Day- SCHOOL CLOSED


Thurs., June 3                                   Last Day of Kindergarten


Fri., June 4                                        Last Day of School Year for Preschool – School closes at noon


Mon., June 7 – Fri., June 11            SCHOOL CLOSED FOR SUMMER PLANNING


Mon., June 14 – Fri., Aug. 13           Summer Session Begins



**In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, all programs at EPCC will close when LAUSD closes**


Please note: These dates are subject to change if/when all Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.




FALL 2020:


Aug. 18 (Tues.)                                Public School Begins


Aug. 24 (Mon.) –                                Preschool Begins


Aug. 25 (Tues.) –                               Kindergarten Begins


Sept. 4 (Fri.) & Sept. 7 (Mon.) –      SCHOOL CLOSED Labor Day


Nov. 11 (Wed.) –                                Veterans Day – SCHOOL CLOSED


Nov. 25– 27 (Wed. – Fri.) –              Thanksgiving Recess – SCHOOL CLOSED


Dec. 21 (Mon.) – Jan. 1 (Fri.) –        Kindergarten Winter Recess – SCHOOL CLOSED


SPRING 2021:


Jan. 4 (Mon.) –                                   Kindergarten Resumes


Jan. 18 (Mon.) –                                 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday – SCHOOL CLOSED


Feb. 5 (Fri.) –                                     Staff In-Service/ Cleaning day– Kindergarten CLOSED


Feb. 15 (Mon.) –                                Presidents’ Day – SCHOOL CLOSED


March 26 (Fri.) – April 2 (Fri.)           Spring Break – SCHOOL CLOSED


April 5 (Mon.) –                                  School Resumes


May 31 (Mon.) –                                 Memorial Day – SCHOOL CLOSED


June 3 (Thurs.) –                              Last Day of Kindergarten – School Ends at 12:00 Noon open for  day care.


June 4 (Fri.) – June 11 (Fri.) –         Kindergarten CLOSED


June 10 (Thurs.) –                            Last Day of Public School/Afterschool Care


June 11 (Fri.)                                       SCHOOL CLOSED  

June 14 (Mon.) – Aug. 13 (Fri.)        SUMMER CAMP BEGINS


Note to Parents:

Please mark these days on your calendar and plan ahead! Try planning a family vacation during our time off.  Try a cooperative situation with two or three other families where you take turns watching each other’s children and follow the LAUSD holiday calendar for this reason; our vacation times are subject to change.  We also close when LAUSD closes for emergency situations (stay tuned for major news stations for information).  The church phone number is (818) 788-1147.  Please make a note of it on the chance our phone number should ever be out of service.


Please note: These dates are subject to change if/when all Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.