Mon., May. 1 – All tuition accounts should be paid up to date.


Mon., May 8 – Fri., May 12– Teacher Appreciation Week


Wed., May 10 Children’s Art Show/ Blind Auction. More info to follow.


Wed., May 10 – The Stand Fundraiser from 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.


Sun., May 14 – Happy Mother’s Day!


Mon., May 29 – SCHOOL CLOSED for Memorial Day.


Fri., June 9 – Last day of the school year. SCHOOL CLOSES at 12:00 noon.


Mon., June 12 – Summer School and Summer Camp begins.


Sun., June 18 – Happy Father’s Day.


Fri., Aug. 11 – Summer School and Summer Camp Ends.


Mon., Aug. 14 – Fri., Aug. 18 – SCHOOL CLOSED


Mon., Aug. 15 – Afterschool Care Begins for Encino Elementary School students.


Mon., Aug. 21 – Fall 2023 – 2024 Pre-School begins.


Tues. Aug. 22 – Kindergarten school year 2023 – 2024 begins.


Fri., Sept. 1 & Mon., Sept. 4- We will be CLOSED for Labor Day.



CONGRATULATIONS DANIELLE DYKE EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH- Ms. Danielle is our loving, caring, friendly, Kindergarten teacher. All her students past and present love Ms. Danielle, she has been at E.P.C.C. since 2002. Ms. Danielle has worked with all ages at our Children’s Center from infants to 5th graders. She has a daughter Brooklyn who attended E.P.C.C. in her younger years, a stepson Jude who both are in 7th grade at Nobel Junior School and a stepdaughter M. Ms. Danielle’s favorites are: shopping at Nordstrom, the color black, Halloween, iced coffee, Dr. Pepper and Peonies. Ms. Danielle enjoys eating at Salsa and Beer and In N Out. For dessert she likes, funfetti cake, chocolates and chocolate chip cookies. Thank you, Ms. Danielle for all your hard work. We appreciate you.




TAX I.D. # - 95-1831056


REGISTRATION:  We still have few spaces available for Summer School and Fall 2023.


KINDERGARTEN: Our kindergarten class is almost full for the 2023-2024 school year.  If you are interested in learning more about this exceptional program, please contact Cathleen or Anie.


EPCC WEBSITE: Please be sure to check out our website and our Instagram account @ epcc_kids and Facebook account @ ECCKIDSS to see activities, art projects and more.


A Teacher Is... One of the most special people in the world, for whom else could spend day after day giving of themselves to someone else’s children?


TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK:  Mon. May 8 – Fri. May 12 is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Each day during this week we will have a theme to honor your child’s teacher for the great job they do every day.  Pick one day or all of them to do something special for your child’s teachers. The following are the themes for this special week:






Don’t forget your morning and afternoon teachers. All of our staff members work hard every day to ensure that your child has a great school experience.

Thanks, Cathleen & Anie

EXTRA CLOTHES:  Please be sure that your child has extra clothes in his/her cubby or bag.  We often run out of school clothes because they are not returned when we lend them out.


SCRAP PAPER: Our Preschoolers are in need of scrap paper to draw on and to make paper airplanes. If you work in an office that needs to get rid of paper…we would love to have it.


WORSHIP AND SUNDAY SCHOOL: If you don’t have a church home or you are looking for a change; join First Presbyterian Church of Encino at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Come and see what is happening at church on Sundays.

ILLNESS POLICY: In an effort to keep children and teachers healthy please keep your child home if he/she is sick. If your child vomits, has diarrhea, runs a fever, is lethargic or is simply not him/herself, we will send your child home immediately.  Children must be symptom free for 48 hours before they can return to school.  In addition, if you have given your child Motrin or Tylenol in the morning to reduce fever or ease pain, he/she may NOT come to school on that day.  While we understand that a “green” runny nose and cough are not necessarily indicators of infectious disease, we will require a doctor’s note if there is any question about your child’s health. Remember that when we send a child home, we are using our best judgment in determining whether or not your child should remain at school. This has been a particularly tough Covid 19, cold and flu season. Please respect this policy as well as the families and staff at EPCC by adhering to it.  Parents in this horrible Covid 19, flu and cold season, please refer to the policies regarding illness and when to keep your child home. This policy is enforced in order to keep a healthy, happy school.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. Let’s have a healthy 2023.


ROOM 101: Wow!  Our year is almost coming to an end and it seems like we just got started!  We have been very busy learning all about butterflies and their lifecycles, Earth Day, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and opposites. Now, we are getting ready for Mother’s Day. Don’t forget our Art Show/Blind Auction on May 10, 2023. The children have worked so hard and are anxious to show off their work. In the upcoming weeks, be sure to check our bulletin board to see “How Our Mother’s Help Us Grow.”  We have had a great year together and now our friends in room 101 are ready for bigger things.  We would like to thank our room Moms, Amanda Stromsborg, Julie Hoobler, Sabrina Nowakowski, Emilie Plouchart for all the wonderful things that they have done for us this year. Our Graduation will be on Friday, June 9th in the Sanctuary at 10:15 a.m. The school closes at 12:00 noon. This class has been a real joy. We expect to hear many wonderful things about our graduates in the future.  We hope you had a great and wonderful school year with us. God bless you all.

Mrs. Geni & Ms. Jazmin


ROOM 102: Wow!  We can’t believe this is our last newsletter.  Our friends have been working so hard on fabulous projects for the Art Show.  This is an amazing event that you can’t miss. The Art Show/Blind Auction will be on May 10. Be sure to come and look at ALL of the wonderful artwork that the children have created. It has been a wonderful year with all your children. The children have grown in so many ways. They are ready to move onward and upward!  We know they will enjoy great success in all of their future adventures.  We would like to thank all the parents for all your help and support throughout the year.  May will be a busy month; we will learn about flowers and all the things that make our moms and dads special. Next, we will talk about Graduation. Our Graduation will be on Friday, June 9th in the Sanctuary at 10:45 a.m. Thanks to everyone for sharing your precious children with us.  A special thanks to our wonderful room Moms Reena Patel, Karen Bayless and Jennifer Rawitch you have been a great help!  Have a wonderful safe summer and we wish you all the best.

Mrs. Asma & Miss Mckenna


ROOM 103: We want to thank all our Room 103 families for such a wonderful year. It’s hard to believe we are already in our last month of school. It has been a true joy to watch your children grow this year. We are finishing our unit on Art of the Masters just in time for the Art Show/Blind Auction on Wednesday, May 10th. You won’t want to miss this event!  A very Happy Mother’s Day wish to our lovely moms. We will close out the year with lessons on space and reflect on our memories in Room 103. We would like to thank Donneta Delfosse for helping us as our Room mom. Please plan to join us for Our Graduation it will be on Friday, June 9th in the Sanctuary at 11:15 a.m. and school closes at 12:00 noon. As you move on to other classes, please stop in to visit Room 103. Thanks for the wonderful memories. 

Mrs. Jennifer & Miss Hayden


ROOM 104: Wow, it’s already May!  We have had such an exciting and busy year!  Time really does fly when you’re having fun! This has been a very memorable year with all of your amazing children!  We would like to give a very special Thank you; to our wonderful Room Moms Lori Hovsepyan and Karine Margaryan for all that you have done throughout the year.  We have really enjoyed watching all of your children grow physically, emotionally and socially.  For our last month of amazing fun . . . we will be busy learning about insects, sea animals and talking about how much we love our mommies! We would like to remind all of you to come to our Art Show/Blind Auction on May 10 to see the artwork your child has been working so hard on this year.  Don’t forget to bid on our extra special Blind Auction piece and lunch with US! Our last day of school is Friday, June 9th and school closes at 12:00 noon. Thank you so much for sharing your precious children with us.  Have a safe and happy summer and see you in our summer school! 

Mrs. Silva & Miss Paula


ROOM 105: We want to remind all of our moms that our famous Mother’s Day Tea will be held on Friday, May 12 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in our very own Room 105. The children have been working very hard to make this event a very special one indeed. We will explore the insect’s world and observe the life cycle of silkworms and butterflies and start a unit on the wonders of rocks, followed by a Jurassic week. There is so much to look forward. Don’t forget our Art Show/Blind Auction is on May 10, 2023. The children have worked so hard and are anxious to show off their work. To all of our parents: thank you for your time, care and generosity. A special thanks to our room moms Julie Nicola, Fabiola Lunde and Leonela Panella we could not have done it without you. You were just wonderful and we will miss the friendliness of our daily encounters. It is with a heavy heart that we must let your children leave room 105 as they brought us such great joy with their tenderness and unconditional trust.  Our last day of school is Friday, June 9th and school closes at 12:00 noon. God bless you all!  Have a fun, exciting and safe summer.  Please don’t forget to visit us in the fall. 

Mrs. Wall, Mrs. Sossi & Miss Vianey


ROOM 106:  This is our last newsletter of the year!!! Our little ones are moving on, and we are left with great memories.  Thank you all, for letting us be part of your children’s first preschool experience. It was great to see them grow throughout the year… but we are not done yet. During our last week’s together we will talk about summer activities. We are so excited for our Art Show /Blind Auction on May 10th from 9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Don’t forget to bid on our special Blind Auction piece and/or lunch with US!!! We are looking forward to seeing everybody there. Thank you; to our wonderful Room Moms Lana Wrentmore and Nazanin Saghafi for all that you have done throughout the year.

Our last day of school is Friday, June 9th and school closes at 12:00 noon.  Have a great summer and see you at our summer school.

Mrs. Karine, Mrs. Shahla & Miss Mari


AFTER NAP: April showers make way for beautiful May flowers! May is here and it brings with it Mother’s Day!  We will be busy this month learning about the spring, while creating lovely art projects. Be sure to stop by and enjoy the decorated bulletin boards in the halls that are full of the children’s beautiful art work. Don’t forget our Art Show/Blind Auction on May 10. The children have worked so hard and are anxious to show off their work.

Mrs. Narine, Miss Mckenna Miss Katie & Miss Vianey


PEEKING OVER THE FENCE WITH MRS. GAEL: Water, water, everywhere!  Now that the sun is warming up the yard, we are bringing out the water tables and buckets.  Your child might get very wet; so, make sure you have a spare change of clothes in his/her classroom.  Be grateful your child can have messy play and not do it on your “white living room carpet”!  Also make it part of your morning dressing routine to add sunblock as another layer of protection.  We will continue our drop-in arts and crafts corner, this month focusing on multi-media projects. The “main event” on the yard is running, biking, climbing. We have balls for kicking, throwing, basketball and soccer. The sand area play is great for texture, sensory stimulation and creativity. We love the laughing shouting, organized and disorganized games. “Free Time” outside is so much FUN!



They ask me why I teach,

And I reply,

Where could I find more splendid company?

There sits a statesman,

Strong, unbiased, wise,

Another later Webster,


And there a doctor

Whose quick, steady hand

Can mend a bone,

Or stem the lifeblood’s flow.

A builder sits beside him-

Upward rise

The arches of a church be builds, wherein

That minister will speak the word of God,

And lead a stumbling soul to touch the Christ.

And all about

A lesser gathering

Of farmers, merchants, teachers,

Laborers, men

Who work and vote and build

And plan and pray

Into a great tomorrow. 

And I say,

“I may not see the church,

Or hear the work,

Or eat the food their hands will grow.” 

And yet- I may. 

And later I may say,

“I knew the lad,

and he was strong,

Or weak, or kind, or proud,

Or bold, or gay. 

I knew him once,

But then he was a boy.” 

They ask me why I teach, and I reply,

“Where could I find more splendid company?”