If your family plans to travel please make note of our school's current COVID health requirements and plan accordingly. As guidelines & recommendations from local, state & national levels are continuously changing, we too will also update our guidlines as needed. Therefore, please check back each time you are making plans to travel to see the most up to date guidelines. It is advised that you check in with the school administration before you travel or if your family has any possible exposure. 

We are following the CDC guidlines at this time, see list below.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to helping US stay healthy together 🙂



EPCC is following the CDC guidelines for COVID related recommendations for travel. We also follow all recommendations given to us from the CA Department of Social Services. COVID guidelines are known to change so please check the CDC's website for the most current and up to date recommendations as you make your travel plans. If the Department of Social Services sends us any updates, we will let you know through an email. 


If you are exposed to COVID while traveling please let the school know before returning to school and we will give you the recommended amount of time your child will need to be out of school then test negative before they can return.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we continue to navigate the COVID protocols.